Terms & Conditions

These conditions have been put in place to ensure all walkers taking part in this event are safe at all times:

  1. I understand that this is a walk, not a race but all walkers are required to cross the finish line by 5.00am.
  2. I understand that I will be walking along public roadways and red ways at night and this in itself is potentially hazardous.
  3. I am aware that Willen Hospice, their employees and volunteers cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability.
  4. I understand that my registration fee of £20.00 is not refundable and that my place is not transferable without prior consent from Willen Hospice.
  5. I understand that I should be of reasonable health and fitness to undertake this challenge.
  6. I understand that I have to be 14 or older to take part and that if I am aged 14 - 18 years I must submit a consent form signed by my accompanying adult who is also a registered participant of the MK Midnight Moo 2015.
  7. I understand that if I am aged 14-18 years, I must be accompanied at all times on the walk by the above mentioned accompanying adult.
  8. I understand that I must not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal recreational drugs whilst taking part in the event.
  9. I understand that I need to take safety precautions, including, but not limited to; wearing appropriate clothing, walking in a group, bringing a torch and water to the event.
  10. I am aware that the route passes through some residential areas and as a participant we must be considerate of local residents to help ensure the reputation of Willen Hospice isn’t jeopardised.
  11. I understand I must provide a home address with postcode, together with an emergency contact name and telephone number of someone who will be available on the night of the event. This should not be someone participating in the walk.
  12. Disabled entrants are welcome to take part although due to the nature of the event we ask you to contact us prior to completing the form as some people with disabilities may not find the route suitable. If a disabled entrant requires assistance from another person, this person must also enter as an individual. Only guide dogs are accepted - no other pets or animals are permitted.
  13. I understand that on the night of the walk, there will be professional photographers and film-makers capturing the event. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, or be seen on film you must identify yourself to the photographer/film team. The film and photographs of the event may be used in future Willen Hospice publications, online and in the media, and to help publicise future MK Midnight Moo Walks.
  14. I understand that Willen Hospice reserves the right to cancel this event at any time if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.

The event is organised by Willen Hospice Ventures Ltd with the purpose of raising funds for Willen Hospice.